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About the film

I Want More Life to Love! is a short film inspired by the work and life of a great Latin American poet, Delmira Agustini, a symbol in the global fight against femicide. Recognized for her courageous self-expression, Agustini was murdered by her ex-husband when she was 27. The film tells her dramatic story and explores how two contemporary poets respond to her work and biography, and concludes with an uplifting message of resilience.


The film features Montréal-based poets (Cora Siré and Gloria Macher) filmed and recorded by a local cinematographer (Alexandre Turgeon-Dalpé). They worked together to create and edit a 7-minute film.

Within three months and with a limited budget, they created a film that is insightful, entertaining, and artful. The project represents an innovative approach to combining story-telling and poetry juxtaposed on compelling scenes/visuals and music.

The short film is dedicated to all those silenced by femicide.


I Want More Life to Love ! was a finalist for Best Script in the 2021 Europa Film Festival.



Title:  I want more life to love!

Runtime:  7:06 minutes

Written & directed by:  Gloria Macher & Cora Siré

Cinematography:  Alexandre Turgeon-Dalpé

Cast:  Gloria Macher & Cora Siré

Filming locations:  Montreal

Production:  Fall 2020

Language:  English

Film gauge/format:  H264

Sound:  Digital

Screen/aspect ratio:  16:9

Film material:  Colour

French subtitles: Abel Fuchslocher

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